Annee Littell’s Meditation Group

This meditation group meets on Wednesday afternoons from 4pm to 5pm. (time and dates are subject to change:  an email list is used to let people know the month’s schedule). We sit for approximately one hour and have a short reading with time for individuals to respond. Our meditation practice is compatible with Vipassana or Zen. All are welcome.

Contact Annee at 479 521-2164 for more information.


Buddhist Meditation and Spiritual Support Group

Fayetteville’s Buddhist Meditation and Spiritual Support Group (BMSSG) has met weekly since 1996 by a variety of teachers. Long-time meditator and Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction teacher Jon Medders currently facilitates the group along with occasional guest teachers. The group’s format includes meditation instruction, two meditation sessions, and free-ranging discussions based on participants’ questions and interests. Teachers will also sometimes offer guided meditations, short Dharma talks, and readings. Our primary style of meditation is Shamatha (“calm abiding”). It is our goal to create an atmosphere of deep listening, mutual respect, and support.

Our meditation session meets every Thursday night from 7:30 PM – 8:30 PM at The Arkansas Yoga Center. Participants are asked to arrive before the doors are locked at 7:30 pm, to ensure an uninterrupted meditation period. We invite you to share information about your own Buddhist organization.

The Arkansas Yoga Center (AYC)
1949 N. Green Acres Rd.
Fayetteville, AR 72703.

Please check the Arkansas Yoga Center’s website during inclement weather. If the yoga center is closed, BMSSG will not meet.

The Buddhist Meditation and Spiritual Support Group is free and open to both beginners and experienced meditators. People of all backgrounds and spiritual/ philosophical orientations are welcome. For more information, contact Jon Medders at


Ecumenical Buddhist Society of Little Rock

The purpose of the Ecumenical Buddhist Society of Little Rock (EBS) is to provide a place where anyone can meditate with others on a daily or weekly basis. There are regular times for practitioners and ongoing opportunities to meditate in a tradition taught by an EBS-sponsored practice leader. The Center also sponsors and hosts Buddhist retreats, classes, and social events. EBS brings Buddhist teachers to Little Rock for introductory and advanced teachings and meditation retreats in particular practice lineages. It also offers courses and lectures providing educational opportunities to explore different branches of Buddhist philosophy.

We hope to give all who come to EBS a place to practice, and teachings to begin or expand one’s exploration of Buddhism.  Links to schedules and descriptions of our events, regular meditation practice groups, and classes, can be found below:

Contact:  Ecumenical Buddhist Society,  1516 West 3rd Street, Little Rock, AR 72201

Fayetteville Soto Zen Center

Thirty minutes of wall-facing zazen, five minutes of walking meditation, followed by another twenty minutes of wall-facing zazen, followed by a Zen talk and discussion.

Meetings every Monday, 9:45 AM

Contact:  Jack McDowell, 1923 E, Joyce Blvd. C120, Fayetteville, Arkansas 72703
Email address:

Gyobutsuji Zen Monastery

Gyobutsuji (Japanese; Practice Buddha Monastery) is a small mountain monastery devoted to the practice of zazen (Zen meditation). Located in the Ozark mountains near Kingston, Arkansas, practice at Gyobutsuji aims to realize the spirit of the ancient teachings of Shakyamuni Buddha and Eihei Dogen Zenji.

The inspiration for Gyobutsuji’s name is found in Eihei Dogen Zenji’s Shobogenzo Gyobutsu Igi (True Dharma Eye Treasury: Dignified Behavior of Practice Buddha): All buddhas without exception fully practice dignified conduct: this [practice] is Practice Buddha. […] Sharing one corner of the Buddha’s dignified conduct is done together with the entire universe, the great earth, and with the entire coming-and-going of life-and-death. […] This is nothing other than the dignified conduct of the oneness of Practice and Buddha.

Daily practice at Gyobutsuji consists of zazen, study, liturgy and work practice, and visitors are welcome to join at any part of the daily schedule. We also hold a monthly intensive sesshin (meditation retreat) and offer beginners instruction and Dharma teachings. Please see our website for details on the monastic schedule and more information about our practice.

Shoryu Bradley, residing priest at Gyobutsuji, was ordained in the a Soto Zen Buddhist tradition in 2002 by Seirin Barbara Kohn and received Dharma Transmission from Shohaku Okumura Roshi in 2010. He has trained at practice centers such as Austin Zen Center, Tassajara Zen Mountain Monastery, Sanshiji in Bloomington, Indiana, and Shogoji Monastery in Kumamoto prefecture, Japan.
email address:
phone number: 479-800-5391

Hot Springs Buddhist Society

Meets weekly on Saturdays at 9:00am at the Hot Springs Yoga Center
1107 West Grand Avenue, Hot Springs, AR 71913-3434
We now have a range of books on Buddhism and meditation which anyone can checkout to read or trade with others.
Hot Springs Buddhist Society
For more information, email T.J. Mahaffey at
or Lacey Riciano at

Katog Choling Rit’hrod Mountain Center

Katog Choling Rit’hröd (Rit’hröd means mountain retreat center), is  a serene Tibetan Buddhist retreat center located in Parthenon, Arkansas, near the town of Jasper.  The center was established by the highly regarded teacher Khentrul Lodrö Thayé Rinpoche and the non-profit organization, Katog Choling, which supports Tibetan teachings dharma activity in the West.

Khentrul Rinpoche offers Buddhist teachings at Katog Rit’hrod several times a year. At other times he travels to his other centers accross the US. Regular practice group are also regularly offered by Khentrul Rinpoche’s resident students and visiting teachers at the center.  Please check out our website and  Practice Schedule and events calendar or call or email if you would like to plan a visit or learn more.


Katog Rit’hrod, HC 72 Box 53, Parthenon, AR 72666
870-446-2952 – leave a message if you don’t reach us.


LOTUS Sangha:  A Chan (Zen) Buddhist Community in Northwest Arkansas

Lotus Sangha seeks to support individuals through instruction, social events, liturgies, and other activities in the Northwest Arkansas area.

Please check the calendar of events on our website for meeting times and places. The main weekly evening practice is hosted by LOTUS in Siloam Springs, Arkansas (105 E. Alpine St.), with other practice groups and events hosted seasonally throughout Northwest Arkansas.

Our normal practice consists of evening devotional liturgy (incense, chanting, refuge, sutras, talks with open discussion, etc.) and silent seated meditation. Meditation cushions and seiza benches are available for visitors. The Meng Shan liturgy (Chanting and Offering to Hungry Ghosts) sometimes replaces our usual practice.

Our senior brother is Ven. Yin Feng Shakya (recent lineage: Master Hsu Yun, Master Jy Din, Abbot Chuan Zhi, Fa Lohng Shakya, Fa Dao Shakya). Ven. Yin Feng Shakya entered into practice in 1993 and received transmission from Fa Lohng Shakya in 2013. He was ordained in the Mugendo Zenkai (as Ven. Monju Tengaku) by Ven. Koro Kaisan and in the Hsu Yun Chan Yuen by Ven. Fa Dao Shakya.

105 E. Alpine St. U24
Siloam Springs, AR  72761


Morning Star Zen Center

Founded in 1986, the Morning Star Zen Center is an affiliate of the Kwan Um School of Zen. The School, which has centers world-wide, began in 1972 with the establishment of its international head temple, the Providence Zen Center, under the direction of Zen Master Seung Sahn. The Morning Star Zen Center offers Zen meditation practice, instruction, consulting interviews, public talks and classes. Retreats with visiting Zen masters are held approximately twice a year. color generator . We also have special practice for occasions such as Buddha’s Enlightenment Day in December and Buddha’s Birthday in April.

The heart of the Kwan Um School of Zen and of the Morning Star Zen Center is Zen practice. Regular practice with
the Morning Star Zen Center’s small group includes bowing, chanting and silent sitting meditation, along with readings and discussion.

Practice is scheduled for Wednesday evenings at 5:30 and Sunday mornings at 9:00

Newcomers to Kwan Um-style practice are asked to call or e-mail to schedule a brief orientation before sitting with us the first time. During orientation, we will show you our practice forms, which are simple and easy to follow. We will also teach you basic Zen meditation techniques and explain Dharma room protocol.

“To study the way of the Buddha is to study oneself.
To study oneself is to forget oneself.
To forget oneself is to be enlightened by everything.”

Morning Star Zen Center

1599 West Halsell Road Fayetteville, AR 72701-3902
Barbara G. Taylor, Senior Dharma Teacher


(cell) 479-521-6925 (land line)

The Kwan Um School’s website, includes a list of centers, more information about our history, a list of teachers, a selection of their Dharma talks and other information and resources.

NWA Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction

The purpose of NWA Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction is to serve individuals in our region who wish to use mindfulness meditation as a path for healing. Our primary offering is the 8-Week MBSR program developed by Jon Kabat-Zinn at the University of Massachusetts Medical School. A large body of scientific research on MBSR has shown positive results for people dealing with various issues including chronic pain, high blood pressure, anxiety, and situational stress. We currently conduct the 8-week program 2-3 times per year at the Unity Center for Conscious Living in Fayetteville. We also occasionally offer other mindfulness related courses. The instructor for Northwest Arkansas MBSR is Jon Medders. A long time meditator, Jon has taught mindfulness in a variety of contexts for teens and adults since 2005. domain info He has MBSR professional training at UMASS Medical School. Jon holds Master degrees in both Teaching and Social Work. For more information on upcoming programs being offered by NWA-MBSR, email or call Jon at 479-409-6059.

Osage Forest of Peace

The Osage Forest of Peace offers peace, healing and renewal in a contemplative, interspiritual atmosphere. It was inspired by the wisdom and vision of Catholic mystic Bede Griffiths who lived in India and pioneered interspirituality. It was for many years a monastery and is now a nonprofit, interspiritual retreat center located just west of Tulsa, Oklahoma in a forest. Individual and small group (up to 25) retreats, as well as classes and workshops are available. Several local Buddhist groups such as the Tulsa Zen Sangha, and the Singing Stones Sangha hold retreats at the Forest of Peace. Diverse approaches to the sacred are honored and refuge is provided for those seeking silence and contemplation. For additional information visit the Osage Forest of Peace’s website at or call 918-245-2734.

Rime Buddhist Center

The Rime Buddhist Center is a (non-sectarian) center dedicated to the cultivation of wisdom and compassion. It is a refuge for the nurturing of inner peace, kindness, community understanding and world peace. The Center’s primary objective is to provide a qualified program of Buddhist studies and Tibetan culture taught by monks, lamas and other Tibetan teachers; and to promote a harmonious relationship of understanding between both Tibetans and Westerners.

Located in downtown Kansas City, Missouri in a beautiful 7,000 sq. foot, 100-year-old church, The Center regularly hosts meditation retreats in an onsite residential space with twelve beds divided into a men’s and a women’s dorm. There is a nursery available for infants; a Dharma school for children ages 3 -12; and a Teen Dharma Study Group for teenagers aged 13 and older. The Rime Center also has a gift shop and bookstore that carry a variety of Dharma books and practice items.

Weekly services and Dharma teachings are held on Sunday morning, and Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday evenings. Normal hours are:

  • Monday through Thursday 12:00 PM – 12:30 PM (Group Meditation)
  • Tuesday 7:00 PM – 7:30 PM (Green Tara Sadhana Practice. Doors open by 6:00 PM)
  • Wednesday 7:00 PM – 7:30 PM (Group Meditation. Free meditation instruction at 6:00 PM)
  • Thursday 6:00 PM – 6:45 PM (Group Meditation. Doors open by 6:00 PM)
  • Thursday 7:00 PM – 7:30 PM (Medicine Buddha Sadhana Practice)
  • Sunday 10:30 AM (Service/Practice. Child care available for children ages 2 and up)


The Rime Center is involved in four outreach programs that benefit both the local and global communities:

  1. Prison Outreach Program: The Rime Center currently has Buddhist inmate groups at three area state and military prisons that are visited regularly by our volunteers. Volunteers are always needed to assist in the teaching of the Dharma to the prison sangha. All volunteers are required to submit an application and agree to a background check by the various departments of corrections. Once approved, volunteers must attend a training program.
  2. Bodhi Bag Project For The Homeless: Backpacks filled with toiletries and food have been handed out to the homeless by volunteers on behalf of The Center. The Project is similar to one at the Inside Dharma/Shinzo Zen Center in St. Louis. Rime members are encouraged to bring toiletries, backpacks and food. In lieu of these, members can donate money for the purchase of these items.
  3. Community Outreach: Our community outreach coordinator, Bob McEachen ( schedules opportunities for Rime members to volunteer in various ways to aid our community. Past activities have included: volunteering for a soup kitchen, a thrift store, Habitat for Humanity and a blood drive.
  4. Finding Sponsors for Tibetan Refugees: Every day Tibetans risk their lives by walking across the Himalayas simply for religious freedom.Refugees who make it to India or Nepal have few if any job skills and they live in abject poverty. The Center finds American sponsors for needy Tibetan refugees. You can help for as little as $30 per month. This small amount can allow a Tibetan refugee to have a roof over his/her head, food to eat and even an education. Please consider sponsoring a refugee – you can literally save a life and you will have a friend for this lifetime (or many lifetimes!).


For more information, please contact:

The Rime Buddhist Center

Lama Chuck Stanford
700 West Pennway
Kansas City, MO 64108

SouthWind Yoga

SouthWind Yoga is located in beautiful downtown Rogers, AR. We are located at 111 1/2 W. Walnut, just upstairs from Fontana’s Market. Contact Information: 479-426-5477 and

There are plenty of free parking locations in downtown Rogers; on the street in front of our store or in the public parking lots located behind our building with access from 1st St. or on the corner of 1st & Walnut St., behind the caboose.

Meditation is an ancient practice (usually sitting) that calms the mind and spirit while bringing a sense of well-being and mental clarity to the practitioner. Meditation class is taught by Marc Paine. Currently we offer Hatha Yoga classes on Tuesdays 6am-7:30am and 9am-10:30am. The 6am class on Tuesdays and Thursdays is a semi-private class that starts on the first Tuesday of every month and requires advance sign up and payment for the month on the first day. If you are interested in this class, please send Crystal an email or call her at 479.426.5477. Please check our schedule regularly as we hope to add more classes in the future.

St. John’s Center for Spiritual Formation

St. John’s Center for Spiritual Formation is an organization which fosters inter-faith dialogue, practice, and cooperation. The Center offers individual spiritual meditation instruction, meditation therapy, and seminars promoting personal growth and inter-cultural understanding. It also provides guest speakers and retreat leaders to organizations requesting these services. St. John’s Center is open to all people of good will, regardless of religious background or current religious allegiance. Call the Center for more information at 918-663-4747.

About the Director
Sister Ellie Finlay, a solitary nun in the Anglican tradition, began her own meditative practice over thirty years ago. She has studied with a number of teachers from the Christian monastic, Buddhist and Hindu traditions and has trained in secular meditative methods as well. An experienced teacher, spiritual director and retreat conductor, Ellie came to Oklahoma in April of 1996. She is the director of St. John’s Center for Spiritual Formation.

For more information:


Tulsa Zen Sangha

The Tulsa Zen Sangha is a community of lay people who practice zen meditation together in Tulsa, Oklahoma. It was founded by Ruben Habito. We are an independent group of lay meditators who provide a place for people to practice Zen. We practice at Osage Forest of Peace and in various locations in Tulsa. At times, we have visiting Zen teachers. All are welcome to join us and beginning meditators will receive instruction. Four meditation times are offered each week.

Monday Morning
(Please call to confirm if you are coming.) 7 to 8 a.m
10220 South Hudson Place.
Contact Jeanette Goetz.
918-671-6504 cell, 918-299-2949 home.

Wednesday Afternoon 1:15 to 2:15 p.m.
Fellowship Congregational Church, 2900 South Harvard

Thursday Morning, 7 to 8 a.m.
Clarehouse (either in the outside chapel or inside in case of weather)
7617 South Mingo Road
Contact Paula Day, 918-798-1297

Friday Morning 7 to 8 a.m.
7002 E. 76th Street
Contact Paula Day, 918-798-1297

In addition the group gathers once a month for a day of meditation at the Osage Forest of Peace near Sand Springs.
For more information call Paula Day at 918-798-1297.

The Way Of The Bodhisattva Study Group

The Way Of The Bodhisattva Study Group
Contact: Patti Roselius
17 Elk Street
Unitarian Church Building
Eureka Springs, AR
Home Phone: 479-244-6419
Each Thursday, Quiet Meditation begins at 3:30pm, 4pm Homage & Prayers, followed by book study.

This is a reading, discussion study group that began August 2011. Formal meeting starts at 4pm but open for Quiet Meditation at 3:30.

Ven. Geshe Dorgee is the Spiritual Director and meets monthly to give Dharma talks.
All are welcome.

Tibetan Cultural Institute of Arkansas

The Tibetan Cultural Institute of Arkansas is a non-profit organization founded by Professor Sidney Burris and Geshe Thupten Dorjee in 2007. Its fundamental mission is to familiarize our community with the rich legacy of Tibetan history, culture, cuisine, philosophy, and religion. The Institute serves on a daily basis communities located both on the campus of the University of Arkansas and Fayetteville, but we also offer our services to a larger audience as well. We have worked extensively throughout the state of Arkansas as well as in other parts of the country, and we are happy to provided tailored programs and presentations that would meet the specific needs of any community, regardless of its size.

The institute’s central teacher, Geshe Thupten Dorjee, is an ordained Tibetan Buddhist monk who holds the Geshe Lharampa degree, the highest degree offered by a Buddhist monastic university and a degree obtained by very few. Geshe la was educated at Drepung Loseling Monastery in South India by the greatest living teachers in his tradition, and as a result is able to provide authoritative instruction on a wide range of subjects in Buddhist ethics, philosophy, and psychology. He is equally at home in both the sutra and tantric traditions, and he is able to provide instruction, lectures, and discussions that are relevant to many audiences.

The Institute was proud in 2011 to have assisted the University of Arkansas in bringing His Holiness the Dalai Lama to its campus. As a result of Geshe’s extensive relationship with Drepung Loseling Monastery, the Institute continues to bring to our area Tibetan teachers who expand and diversify our educational mission.

Our website will always have the latest information regarding all of our current activities. You can follow us on Twitter at @tibetspace and find us on Facebook at

Class Schedule

Geshe Dorjee teaches two weekly classes for the general public. On Sunday mornings at 11:00 a.m., he teaches a general meditation class that combines traditional Tibetan meditation with discussion of an assigned text. The class is held at Passages at 14 E. Meadow St. in Fayetteville. All are welcome, from beginners to experienced practitioners, from Buddhists to atheists and agnostics.

Geshe also offers classes at the University. He teaches an introduction to Buddhism and a colloquium in Tibetan philosophy and culture. The colloquium is offered every semester and the introduction to Buddhism is offered in the Fall.

In the Spring, Geshe and Professor Sidney Burris offer a night class in the history of nonviolence, focusing on the careers of Mahatma Gandhi, Martin Luther King, Jr., and the Dalai Lama. Further information on these University classes is available by calling the Fulbright College Honors Office



For additional information about The Institute, please contact
Geshe Dorjee or Professor Sidney Burris:

Tibetan Cultural Institute of Arkansas
P.O. Box 269
Fayetteville, AR 72701